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May 24, 2010

Successful weekend

Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat

First of all my earthquake session was quite fruitful, not as good as I had hoped - but the total was: 12 black eggs, 2 vines and one of each: nebula, hellfire and striped. I wanted to stick to black eggs, but as just at the time when I did my EQ session barely any black eggs showed up, I caught the others and when I saw the clusterfuck of a lineage, I had to. I desperately want more CB of those types as well.

Did I mention that not five minutes after all my EQ were spend, the AP was littered with ugly black eggs?

Even more important, I finished my overview of breeding pairs, including all the singles I have lurking around, that need mates and those I still need to test if they like each other.

One compatibility test showed me that I have now 5 CB silver/black pairs who like each other. Now I just need a couple of silver eggs from them, and I'll be a happy trooper.

For now I stocked up on my red and caught a low time gray egg with the most awesome code: PieP.

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