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Jul 2, 2010

So much to do

Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat

Was so busy with things in real life that I only managed to update a little bit here and there and never had the time to post any news.

Wonderful things happened: I got not only all of the trios as cbs - I got one of each gender :D 2 of them thanks to Rinoa, which means I actually caught four on my own. There was a time when they showed up sooo often on the cave that is was actually fairly easy.

I also caught a cb red - she became a girl but so far showed no interest in Skulduggery - if they should actually do the dirty deed and give me an egg, that be heaven *gg*

Otherwise I decided to focus more on breeding. I am still in the market for certain cbs but I will reduce the time I hunt for them significantly. Tomorrow I should be free for about 45 minutes, after that my sunrise dragons will have hatched when their window approaches and if I have not gotten then what I need, I will just breed.

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