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May 4, 2010

Breeding Projects Lists almost complete

Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat

As far as I could already add them I have now listed all my pairings and offsprings into the lineage tables. In some cases I already found additional lines that are willing to breed offspring to further the next generation.

Now, I just need to re-tire the Frilled Dragons Project as they are obviously not capable of breeding with each other anymore and I really had it with trying to pick up CBs in vain. I just have to consider with what dragon type I want to replace their position in the Primary Breeding Projects.

But I am making good progress. I had some lucky catches on the AP and got gifted a beautiful stone egg that almost immediately hatched. Saturday when the scroll lock is over, I plan on experimenting a bit and then I go back to try and catch CBs / trade for dragons I need.

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