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May 6, 2010

Naturally: Female Imbalance

Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat

Guess what guys? Yes, my stone hatchling gendered. Late - but I had the feeling, it might be worth checking (could not sleep anymore anyway). Of course, it had to turn out female.

I only have a freaking total of 115 females compared to 94 males on my scroll. Sure, I have four only-girls breeds but somehow this is ridiculous. So, before I do anything else, I need more male pinks.

I shall breed Love Thieves and The Sweetest Condition and influence it male to make a partner for Goldmarichen, my single Gold Dragon girl. Otherwise, I really need to see what I actually get, as I can not influence anything else to be male untll Sunday. Not sure if a day of influence is actually enough.

Then again, the electric dragon and the pygmy one should turn out to be guys ...

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