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May 7, 2010

Plans till Sunday

Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat

Very succesful day, Lyranna and Silvannon hit it off. Although they gave me a black egg, it proves that the potential is there. But I need a silver for my lineage - at least it makes more sense to complete one tree half. Later I need another pair that gives me a black egg.

I established two other pairings, Bow of Etheria and Glymmer, Volafuxine and Vetoharivur. I got myself two new green eggs. I just grew very fond of the Earthquake function, it works like a charm. I am going to work on the green lineage with more enthusiasm now. Friday in two weeks, I will see how many omletts I could make :D

Caught a pygmy egg from CB parents, decided to keep it, it grew up fast, I also breed my nocturnes and got an egg. Now, I am scroll locked but I should be back in business to receive a pink egg/hatchling for Brennende Liebe on Sunday. (I should be back to 3 hatchies and 3 eggs)

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