GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
Aeon Wyvern
It’s almost like time is distorted around this egg.
CB (1) 2uev1
CB ()
Aether Wyvern
(missing egg text).
CB (1) uGDTt VuEFn
CB (2) i47gO 4bxu5
CB ()
Albino Dragons
You can see the baby dragon curled up inside this translucent egg.
CB Carmine Claror Celia Claror YTB
CB Clover Claror Carin Claror
CB Cambion Clover
CB Cooper Claror

Almerald Dragons
This glossy green egg is rather warm.
CB (1) Liam Mellion Elsbeth Mellion
CB (2) Victor Mellion Unara Mellion
CB (3) Lawrence Mellion Arana Mellion
CB (4) Andrew Mellion Seraphima Mellion

CB ()
Anagallis Dragons
This delicately patterned egg is sitting in the sunshine.
CB (1) FRRd0 hbfqx
CB (2) JRJ4f 3q8p4
CB (3) X0ANj VQk9o
CB (4) iGKb8 ljdBH

CB (5) ry8v5 GTmx8

Antarean Dragons
This egg is surrounded by mysterious, reflective dust.
CB (1) QrfCW KTqCS
CB (2) 4tMA9 C3dTm
CB (3) Oi83b YMDdD
CB (4) PLrYt 0yj0m

CB (5) PTo4N e9Xxy
CB (6) ftqjx MaAtw
CB (7) 7Hix2
CB (8) 8Evpi

CB (9) TCL3z
CB (10) IyPuN
CB ()
Aqualis Dragons
CB (1) mkLNV
CB (2) 9RiIw
CB ()
Aria Dragons
This bright egg has a warm shell.
CB (1) Doctor Lovejoy Doctor Hornington
CB (2) Doctor Loverly Doctor Bonehorn
CB (3) Doctor Wanglove Doctor Hornwall
CB ()
Ash Dragons
This ashen egg is smooth to the touch.
CB (1) Ross Smokington Julie Smokington
CB (2) Herbert Smokington Lisa Smokington
CB ()
Azure Glacewings
This large egg has a lustrous sheen and appears to be covered in scales.
CB (1) 1AE5D F1pjd 8th Feb, 5:17 YTB
CB (2) WUdZk IEhYe 8th Feb, 5:17
CB (3) 5HdEr
CB (4) XJSR0
CB ()
from other scrolls
2nd () Miapa Handmedowns
Balloon Dragons
This light egg is floating in the air.
CB (1) Heliumenses Aerostatia YTB
CB (2) Floatson Candycea
CB (3) Jetson Helliana
CB (4) Bubbuas Floppsy

CB (5) Juliblow Junipa
CB ()
CB ()
Black Capped Teimarr Dragons
This egg has a black cap.
CB (1) 6KvpK Uh7Nb
CB (2) BrkMj TXDSl
CB (3) ew4He 6TNeY
CB (4) dqNhM H4OEE

CB (5) WL5jK CgUDs
CB (6) xjl6W
with help from others scrolls
2nd Lord Prengazion Lady Seabreezer
Black Tea Dragons
This egg has a faintly exotic scent.
CB Tivon Candle Shava Candle
CB Miuki Candle
Black Truffle Dragons
This egg has a pleasant, musky smell.
CB (1) j0HN9 WldR3
CB wchOY
Blacktip Dragons
This egg is off-white in color and smells a bit like salt.
CB Ahenobarbus ab Salis Hadriana ab Salis
CB Aquilinus ab Salis Quintina ab Salis

Bleeding Moon Dragons
This egg shines brilliantly in moonlight, and is covered in red spots.
CB Tegromp Coldmirror Shermaine Coldmirror
CB Badiga Coldmirror
Blue Banded Dragons
This egg is covered in thick blue stripes.
CB (1) Lcp57 UnSdH
CB (2) go80S an01t
CB ()
Blusang Dragons
This egg smells faintly like brine.
CB rlzMC o4EWi
Bolt Dragons
This egg has a striking pattern.
CB (1) J3mqZ 9biTj
CB (2) N6mC3 knR5O
CB ()
Boreal Dragons
This egg is covered in pale blue spots.
CB (1) Sven Snupes Amelia Snupes
CB (2) Maxwell Snupes Lena Snupes
CB (3) Zachary Snupes Salina Snupes
CB ()
Bright Breast Wyvern Dragons
This egg is covered in speckles.
CB (1) Reed Swingreeton Gail Swingreeton
CB (2) Wanda Swingreeton
CB (3) Sally Swingreeton
CB (4) Perdita Swingreeton
Brimstone Dragons
This egg smells rather rancid.
CB (1) Sehpron Sulphuris Gaminoa Sulphuris
CB (2) Ulrich Sulphuris
CB ()
CB ()
Brute Dragons
This egg is unusually large and heavy.
CB (1) JF0AW 3GZ6g
CB (2) xLvLW MoeB9
CB () bh8Uh 1CIt4
CB ()