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24: Kim Bauer

It is not that she made a bad impression on me right from the first moment on, whatever she has done was sort of annoying. Mostly because she is incredibly stupid and also totally lame.

I mean sneaking out of the house to have a lame party with her friend and two strangers in a furniture store. Either her parents have totally neglected her or she is really an even bigger idiot than compared to what we have seen so far. After all her father is an anti-terror expert. If my parents can teach me better than this being in simple business, what other explanations are there for someone acting this way?.

Getting in the van with these two guys, I would recommend her for not wanting to drive after having a little drink - but Dan was not just drunk he was either high or already suffering brain damage from what he had been using prior to this incident.

One could probably overlook what else she did considering she was kidnapped and under a lot of pressure.

Continuing with Season 2: I can't believe how dumb she is. The little girl was knocked hard against the bed and complained about terrible headaches and instead of going straight to the hospital she takes a bus ride to CTU. Then she is surprised that after being close to a bombing the girl starts to ceize and does not mention that the girl probably has a concussion?

That girl does not need back luck, she makes it herself. The doctor accuses her of hitting the little girl for years and she just stands there and looks dumb (okay, she is dumb so it probably is hard to look any different), instead of telling her what happened and that she can't possibly be abusing the girl for years, because she hasn't been working for them that long.