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Adventures of Sindbad (1996) - Maeve, the Magician's Apprentice

Maeve is a prime example for a new type of female "hero". She is beautiful, she runs around in a sexy and totally impractical outfit and has some neat abilities. At the same time, she also proves almost every sexist stereotype you can think of.

For example, the all "strong" women have emotional issues. Did I mention the, no matter how much talent the female lead is given, they still need others to save them - because they are too dumb and too arrogant to look out for themselves. Because they are all insecure and hide that behind being extra bitching and annoying. Luckily, they are pretty so the hero is still interested in them.

When I re-watched the series and saw the pilot for the first time, I remembered instantly why I was never that fond of it. I only saw a few badly dubbed episoded and was annoyed with her right away. Remember her first entrance? Her hawk attacks Sinbad, she poses over him. What do we get from this? She is rude, impolite and most of all insecure. She needed to put him in his place, to be able to literally to look down on him, to feel good about herself. Only a insecure person needs to do this. Further, she proves herself being insecure and stupid by ranting on about how evil sailors and men are. If she really is a sword fighter, a magician-apprentice and protected by her hawk, what prevents her from going down and just asking a stranger to state his name and business?

It gets even better on the ship, when the false visir reveals his true face, she is the only one who does not listen at all to the warnings about the poison claws. Stands there in plain reach of the monster and needs Sindbad to save her ass. Even better then she is convinced that she can harm the beast and later on, with the stone monster she is suddenly convinced she is not capable of doing anything. She needs the convincing of Sindbad to even try.

Next episode, she is totally convinced she can take Romina on, even though before she was lamenting about being just an apprentice. In fact, suddenly she is actually capable of taking her on, even though Romina is better trained. Nonetheless, it is just a ploy, to present a reason for Romina taking off, after Sindbad comes in to save the day.

Next up, the episode "Still life" the biggest mess. Maeve who is just totally foppish for any male attention prooves that she is just dying to be swept of her feet by the right type of guy. Someone who uses fancy words and empty phrases. Even though she as the magician in training should have been the first to realise something is wrong on the island. But a few shallow phrases and she is so much in heat that she loses whatever little thinking capacity she had before. And again, she needed the men to save her. And to further prove how insecure she is, she does not apologize for being wrong or even say thanks for the guy's saving her life.

"Ronin" isn't she lucky that her attempt at playing damsel in distress was succesful despite her childish display of magic? Saved by the size of her gorgeous cleavage, no doubt. Otherwise Cagan would have noticed that something was amiss in the scenario she discribed. And again, she went in half-brained and needed - you probably guessed it - the guys to save her beautiful behind yet again.

Hold your breath "Little Miss Magic" comes up with another stereotype. Despite always pretending to have no interest in Sindbad and being rather pissy about it when implied, she immediately becomes jealous when she sees him with another pretty girl. How much more stereotypical and ridiculous can a character be written?

Now, you probably say - but the other characters make mistakes and need saving by their comrades, as well.

I tell you what the difference it, they do not make mistakes on the same level as she does, she really is written as incredibly incompetent. Only when magic or feminine viles are needed she is allowed to be useful for one thing, before someone needs to rescue her again.

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