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Captain Hector Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean

My thoughts on Barbossa

Admittingly I have only seen the first two. I found the second one to be absolutely horrible and not even Barbossa's brief appearance at the end could make up for that. I have yet to see the third part, but I have been told he remains in character and although he does not have as many cool dialogues and nice scenes as in the first.

Nonetheless, Barbossa was just awesome in the first movie, I liked him from scene one. With little effort he got his crew to do what he wanted. I loved how he talked to Elizabeth. "I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means "no"." That was so stylish!

Likewise, Barbossa had this sophisticated behaviour that not only set him apart form all the other pirates and pirates-wanna-bes, but also showed how conciously he was doing things. He is living this way and he is doing it with style.

I also loved that bit when they marooned Jack and Elizabeth, typical manoevre for a lawful evil villain in AD&D, keeping his word and at the same time finding a loophole to do something nasty to his enemies. And than the bit about the pistol! Gets points for coolness not only for giving it to Jack, but also the comment that Jack could be the gentleman by shooting Elizabeth and starve to death himself.

Barbossa and Jack

I can totally relate to him getting rid of Jack Sparrow. A pirate is supposed to be pillaging, raping, sinking ships - pirates are supposed to be mean bastards. Jack is more of trickster, his best trick being that people actually think he is 'a good man'. Whatever he did was only done in the conquest of his ultimate goal: re-taking his ship.
For Barbossa it could not have been hard to get rid of him. Who would wanna be a pirate under the command of someone who tries to play it nice and wears more make-up than a whore in Tortuga? He probably just said that with him as captain they could do all those nasty things and get filthy rich on top of it.

Barbossa and Elizabeth

That is one of these moments when I think it is a shame that Barbossa is a character in a PG-13 movie. I'd love to hear what might have been said or done in an R rated movie. Especially, in that scene before they figure out that Elizabeth is not the right person, when they expect the curse to be lifted and Barbossa says what he first wants to do. The way he looks at her then, says more than a thousand words.

Barbossa and Slash

Barbossa is one of those guys I just can't see in a slash relationship, not just because the movie makes it obvious that he is into women. That comment is certainly due to this being a Disney family movie and it would certainly not take anything away from the character if he only spoke for his crew or liked male company on top of that. No, it is just that he does not strike me at the type who has relationships at all. I think he is the guy who takes what he wants, when he sees it and that includes women. After all he is a pirate.


Sex Appeal:


He loses points for not asking Elizabeth who her father was before hand, after all she could have married! Falling for Jack's plan at the end substracts also a little, but then in the end, Jack was very convincing. For the whole movie Barbossa proves very ressourceful, turning situations at hand into opportunities while seldom underestimating his enemies. (8 out of 10)


Being a character that prefers to let other do the dirty work it is hard to establish how strong and physical capable Barbossa really is. Then again if necessary he is a man of action, too. His undead nature certainly gives him the an edge, more so with a bullet in his heart he took awfully long to die. (7 out of 10)


Knows his stuff, as far as being a pirate goes, his skills are excellent. But that is all pretty basic stuff, apart from having aquired fancy language, there are not many skills beyond the ordinary pirate. So I give him (6 out of 10)


Very alluring presence, Barbossa not only knows how to dress, he wears is well. His body language is commanding and he knows how to keep his crew at bay, considering that they are one mutenous bunch of cut throats that speaks volumes about his presence. (10 out of 10)

Sex Appeal:

Now taking the curse out of the equasion, which is standing in the way of things anyhow, I can't help myself but feeling very attracted to this devilishly charming pirate captain. (9 out of 10)


Ordinary movie characters die after being shot in the heart, Barbossa pauses and has enough strenght to talk afterwards. Due to the curse we don't know how well handles himself normally, but his death scene is a good indicator. (8 out of 10)


Keeping in mind that the movie has a PG-13 rating and is supposed to be good family entertaining, Barbossa is as bad as one can be. (10 out of 10)

Fanfiction involving Barbossa

I only read a few fanfictions dealing with Barbossa, as most of it is either teen!Mary Sue meets the crew or the various slash!pairings and I must say nothing really stuck out to me. So if you know of a fanfic, where Barbossa is not just a character thrown in for good measure but a really well written one I'd appreciate a recommendation (unless it is a slash pairing with one of the canons, or even a romantic pairing with any of the other canon characters).

Having all to much fanfics that I am currently working on, it sounds silly to say, that I am working on one with Barbossa, so I guess I should say, it is one of those I am more determined to finish than others. It is not just about Barbossa, but also about Norrington. Elizabeth, Jack and Will and some of the other characters will also appear, but Norrington and Barbossa are the major players.

It will also be an AU story, which means I take the first movie as a basis and don't pay attention to the rest. So no Davy Jones, no Flying Dutchman and no pirates at the end of the world.

I have no intention to make this politically correct. Barbossa makes a deal with the devil and returns with a bunch of nasty pirates, to get his revenge. The story definitely will have a few nasty scenes between him and Elizabeth. Don't ask me why, I just felt like reading /writing them, so if rape in fanfic bothers you, you should not read it. Although I can promise I try and make the effects on Elizabeth as realistic as possible.

I had a beta-reader, but haven't had contact for quite a while, as real life got in the way and now I want to write a bit ahead before contacting her or trying to find a new one if necessary.