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Here I document my breeding pairs, keep a quick overview about what dragons are out there. I also keep notes and templates to organize more complicate lineages.

I prefer purebred lineages, but I also try my hand at a few mixed lineages. Some of them I use for song lineages others I have a specific name scheme. I am always willing to do blood swaps, however I do not breed pairs from song lineages for others.

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Jun 28, 2011
Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat
Did a huge redesign a month ago and now I did some re-organising. Still a few tweaks necessary but not I got a better overview and smaller breeding list on each page. So instead of one with all the primary purebred project and one for specials and secondaries, I got them sorted in seven categories (and dumped the three pages with the useless overview) and sorted the individual lineage plans directly below those.
  1. Purbreds with BSA (featuring with the exception of Pebbles all Dragons with BSA - mainly focusing on the reds here)
  2. Lineages with Alts (featuring Vines, Pebbles and Stones and the Geode lineage for obvious reasons)
  3. Purebred Lineages (all the remaining purebred lineages that I focus on: Deep Sea, Electric, Nocturne, Skywing and Water Dragons)
  4. Drakes, Pygmies and Two-Heads (yeah all those types of Dragons that only breed with their groups. Main focus are the Two-Heads)
  5. Smaller Purebred Lineages (all those lineages I am only working on half-hearted, although I do want to update on Pillows, they are awesome, the best release in the last months, IMO)
  6. Special Lineages (all those fancy lineages, the alternatin Sun lineages, the Striped, the Black/Silver ones etc)
  7. SEasonal Lineages (the four Seasonal lineages)
I hope I still can play this games in years to come, it is soooo much fun.
Jul 3, 2010
Category: Dragons
Posted by: Barbayat
I am still miffed that I missed the window where I was briefly unlocked by 15 minutes, now I got to wait 20 more hours till I can finally breed eggs. Because right now I got 5 hatchies. Then I got to hold myself back and breed only three eggs. Incubate them and be capable of stocking up on some rare caveborns on Tuesday. okay, provided some red, black, pink, stone or sun eggs DO show up. Vine would also be nice, with pepples I am actually quite complete provided my new "hopefully" girl will like her Peppergon.

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