A list of the Dragons

I am aware that there are much better sites with overviews and extra information but I there is another reason for me to list the dragons here. I've sorted this to my own needs.

Dragons with Breed Specific Actions (BSAs)

While Vampire and Shallow Water Dragons also have BSAs I listed them under different headings.

Common Dragons

Magi Dragons
Magi Egg Magi Hatchling Matured Magi Hatchling Magi Adult
Green Dragons
Green Egg Green Hatchling Matured Green Hatchling Green Adult
Pink Dragons
Pink Egg Pink Hatchling Matured Female Pink Hatchling Female Pink Adult Male Pink Adult
Matured Male Hatchling
Purple Dragons
Purple Egg Purple Hatchling Matured Female Purple Hatchling Female Purple Adult Male Purple Adult
Matured Male Purple Hatchling
Red Dragons
Red Egg Red Hatchling Matured Red Hatchling Red Adult

Legendary Trio

Ice Dragons
Ice Egg Ice Hatchling Matured Ice Hatchling Ice Adult
Magma Dragons
Magma Egg Magma Hatchling Matured Magma Hatchling Magma Adult
Thunder Dragons
Thunder Egg Thunder Hatchling Matured Thunder Hatchling Thunder Adult

Dragons with Alts through breeding

Black Alt Dragons
Black Alt Egg Black Alt Hatchling Matured Black Alt Hatchling Black Alt Female Adult Black Alt Male Adult
Matured Black Alt Hatchling Matured Black Alt Hatchling
Dark Green Alt Dragons
Egg Dark Green Alt Hatchling Matured Dark Green Alt Hatchling Dark Green Alt Adult
Geode Dragons
Geode Egg Geode Hatchling Matured Geode Hatchling Female Geode AdultMale Geode Adult
Hellhorse Dragons
Hellhorse Egg Hellhorse Hatchling Matured Female Hellhorse Hatchling Female Hellhorse Adult Male Hellhorse Adult
Matured Male Hellhorse Hatchling
Shallow Water Dragons
Shallow Water Egg Shallow Water Hatchling Matured Female Shallow Water Hatchling Female Shallow Water Adult Male Shallow Water Adult
Matured Male Shallow Water  Hatchling
Striped Dragons
Egg Hatchling Matured Hatchling Female Adult Male Adult
White Striped Egg White Striped Hatchling Matured White Striped Hatchling White Striped Female Adult White Striped Male Adult
Green Striped Egg Green Striped Hatchling Matured Green Striped Hatchling Green Striped Female Adult Green Striped Male Adult
Red Striped Egg Red Striped Hatchling Matured Red Striped Hatchling Red Striped Female Adult Red Striped Male Adult
Blue Striped Egg Blue Striped Hatchling Matured Blue Striped Hatchling Blue Striped Female Adult Blue Striped Male Adult
Black Striped Egg Black Striped Hatchling Matured Black Striped Hatchling Black Striped Female Adult Black Striped Male Adult
Soulpeace Dragons
Soulpeace Egg Soulpeace Hatchling Matured Female Soulpeace Hatchling Female Water Adult Male Soulpeace Adult
Matured Male Soulpeace Hatchling
Two-Finned Blunas
Two-Finned Bluna Egg Two-Finned Bluna Hatchling Matured Two-Finned Bluna Hatchling Female Two-Finned Bluna Adult Male Two-Finned Bluna Adult
Ultraviolet Dragons
Ultraviolet Dragon Egg Ultraviolet Dragon Hatchling Matured Ultraviolet Dragon Hatchling Adult Female Ultraviolet Dragon Adult Male Ultraviolet Dragon

The Bulk of Breedable Dragons

Albino Dragons
Egg Hatchling Matured Hatchling Adult
Anagallis Dragons
Anagallis Egg Anagallis Hatchling Female Matured Anagallis Hatching Female Adult Anagallis Male Adult Anagallis
Male Matured Anagallis Hatchling
Balloon Dragons
Balloon Egg Balloon Hatchling Matured Balloon Hatchling Balloon Adult
Black Dragons
Black Egg Black Hatchling Matured Black Female Hatchling Black Female Adult Black Male Adult
Matured Black Male Hatchling
Black Capped Teimarr Dragons
Black Capped Teimarr Egg Black Capped Teimarr Hatchling Matured Female Black Capped Teimarr Hatchling Female Black Capped Teimarr Adult Male Black Capped Teimarr Adult
Matured Male Black Capped Teimarr Hatchling
Black Tea Dragons
Black Tea Egg Black Tea Hatchling Matured Black Tea Hatchling Female Black Tea Adult Male Black Tea Adult
Blacktip Dragons
Blacktip Egg Blacktip Hatchling Matured Blacktip Hatchling Blacktip Adult
Bleeding Moon Dragons
Bleeding Moon Eggs Bleeding Moon Hatchie Bleeding Moon Gendered Hatchie Bleeding Moon Female Adult Bleeding Moon Male Adult
Blue Banded Dragons
Blue Banded Egg Blue Banded Hatchling Matured Blue Banded Hatchling Blue Banded Adult
Blusang Lindwurm
Blusang Lindwurm Egg Blusang Lindwurm Hatchling Matured Female Blusang Lindwurm Hatchling Adult Female Blusang Lindwurm Adult Male Blusang Lindwurm
Matured Male Blusang Lindwurm Hatchling
Brimstone Dragons
Brimstone Egg Brimstone Hatchling Matured Brimstone Hatchling Adult Brimstone
Brute Dragons
Brute Egg Brute  Hatchling Female Matured Brute Hatching Female Brute Adult
Male Matured Brute Hatchling
Canopy Dragons
Canopy Egg Canopy Hatchling Matured Canopy Hatchling Canopy Female Adult Canopy Male Adult
Cassare Dragons
Cassare Egg Cassare Hatchling Matured Cassare Hatchling Cassare Adult
Coastal Waverunner Dragons
Costal Waverunner Egg Costal Waverunner Hatchling Matured Costal Waverunner Hatchling Costal Waverunner Adult
Copper Dragons
Copper Egg Copper Hatchling Matured Female Copper Hatchling Female Copper Adult Male Copper Adult
Matured Male Copper Hatchling
Copper Egg Copper Hatchling Matured Female Copper Hatchling Female Copper Adult Male Copper Adult
Matured Male Copper Hatchling
Copper Egg Copper Hatchling Matured Female Copper Hatchling Female Copper Adult Male Copper Adult
Matured Male Copper Hatchling
Dark Green Dragons
Dark Green Egg Dark Green Hatchling Matured Dark Green Hatchling Dark Green Adult
Daydream Dragons
Daydream Egg Daydream Hatchling Matured Daydream Hatchling Female Daydream Adult Male Daydream Adult
Deep Sea Dragons
Deep Sea Egg Deep Sea Hatchling Matured Deep Sea Hatchling Deep Sea Adult
Dorsal Dragons
Red Dorsal Egg Red Dorsal Hatchling Matured Red Dorsal Hatchling Red Dorsal Adult
Violet Dorsal Egg Violet Dorsal Hatchling Matured Violet Dorsal Hatchling Violet Dorsal Adult
Electric Dragons
Electric Egg Electric Hatchling Matured Electric Hatchling Female Electric Adult Male Electric Adult
Ember Dragons
Ember Egg Ember Hatchling Matured Ember Hatchling Ember Female Adult Ember Male Adult
Frostbite Dragons
Frostbite Dragon Egg Frostbite Dragon Hatchling Matured Frostbite Dragon Hatchling Frostbite Dragon Adult
Frilled Dragons
Frilled Egg Frilled Hatchling Matured Frilled Hatchling Frilled Adult
Gemshard Dragons (Blue)
 Egg  Hatchling  Matured Hatchling  Female Adult  Male Adult
Gemshard Dragons (Green)
 Egg  Hatchling  Matured Hatchling  Female Adult  Male Adult
Gemshard Dragons (Red)
 Egg  Hatchling  Matured Hatchling  Female Adult  Male Adult
Gray Dragons
Gray Egg Gray Hatchling Matured Gray Hatchling Female Gray Adult Male Gray Adult
Gold-horned Tangar
Gold-horned Tangar Egg Gold-horned Tangar Hatchling Matured GGold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar Female Adult Gold-horned Tangar Male Adult
Guardian Dragons
Guardian Egg Guardian Hatchling Matured Guardian Hatchling Guardian Adult
Harvest Dragon
Harvest Dragon Egg Harvest Dragon Hatchling Matured Harvest Dragon Female Hatchling Harvest Dragon Female Adult Harvest Dragon Male Adult
Matured Harvest Dragon Male Hatchling
Horse Dragons
Horse Egg Horse Hatchling Matured Horse Hatchling Horse Adult
Imperial Fleshcrownes
Imperial Fleshcrownes Egg Imperial Fleshcrownes Hatchie Imperial Fleshcrownes Gendered Hatchie Imperial Fleshcrownes Female Adult Imperial Fleshcrownes Male Adult
Lumina Dragons
Lumina Egg Lumina Hatchling Matured Lumina Hatchling Female Lumina Adult Male Lumina Adult
Mint Colored Dragons
Mint Colored Egg Mint Colored Hatchling Matured Mint Colored Hatchling Mint Colored Adult
Moonstone Dragon
Moonstone Dragon Egg Moonstone Dragon Hatchling Matured Moonstone Dragon Female Hatchling Moonstone Dragon Female Adult Moonstone Dragon Male Adult
Matured Moonstone Dragon Male Hatchling
Neotropical Dragons
Neotropical Egg Neotropical Hatchling Matured Neotropical Hatchling Female Neotropical Adult Male Neotropical Adult
Nocturne Dragons
Nocturne Egg Nocturne Daytime Hatchling Matured Nocturne Daytime Hatchling Nocturne Daytime Adult
Nocturne Nightime Hatchling Matured Nocturne Nightime Hatchling Nocturne Nightime Female Adult Nocturne Nightime Male Adult
Olive Dragons
Olive Dragon Egg Olive Dragon Hatchling Matured Olive Dragon Hatchling Adult Female Olive Dragon Adult Male Olive Dragon
Pillow Dragon
Pillow Dragon Egg Pillow Dragon Hatchling Matured Pillow Dragon Female Hatchling Pillow Dragon Female Adult Pillow Dragon Male Adult
Matured Pillow Dragon Male Hatchling
Plated Colossus Dragons
 Egg  Hatchling Female Matured Hatching Female Adult
Male Matured Hatchling
Red-finned Tidal Dragons
Red-finned Tidal Egg Red-finned Tidal Hatchie Red-finned Tidal Female Hatchie Red-finned Tidal Female Adult Red-finned Tidal Male Adult
Red-finned Tidal Male Hatchie
Ridgewing Dragon
Ridgewing Dragon Egg Ridgewing Dragon Hatchling Matured Ridgewing Dragon Female Hatchling Ridgewing Dragon Female Adult Ridgewing Dragon Male Adult
Matured Ridgewing Dragon Male Hatchling
Ridgewing Dragon Egg Ridgewing Dragon Hatchling Matured Ridgewing Dragon Female Hatchling Ridgewing Dragon Female Adult Ridgewing Dragon Male Adult
Matured Ridgewing Dragon Male Hatchling
Royal Blue Dragons
Royal Blue Egg Royal Blue Hatchling Matured Female Royal Blue Hatchling Female Royal Blue Adult Male Royal Blue Adult
Matured Male Royal Blue Hatchling
Royal Crimson
Royal Crimson Egg Royal Crimson Hatchling Matured Royal Crimson Hatchling Royal Crimson Adult
Skywing Dragons
Skywing Egg Skywing Hatchling Matured Skywing Hatchling Skywing Adult
Speckle-Throated Dragons
Speckle-Throated Dragon Egg Speckle-Throated Dragon Hatchling Matured Speckle-Throated Dragon Female Hatchling Speckle-Throated Dragon Female Adult Speckle-Throated Dragon Male Adult
Matured Speckle-Throated Dragon Male Hatchling
Spitfire Dragons
Spitfire Egg Spitfire Hatchling Matured Spitfire Hatchling Spitfire Adult
Spotted Greenwing Dragons
Spotted Greenwings Egg Spotted Greenwings Hatchling Matured Spotted Greenwings Hatchling Spotted Greenwings Adult
Stone Dragons
Stone Egg Stone Hatchling Matured Stone Hatchling Stone Adult
Striped River Dragons
Hatchling Matured Hatchling Adult
Sungsong Dragons
Sunsong Egg Sunsong Hatchling Matured Female Sunsong Hatchling Female Sunsong Adult Male Sunsong Adult
Matured Male Sunsong Hatchling
Sunstone Dragons
Sunstone Egg Sunstone Hatchling Matured Sunstone Hatchling Sunstone Adult
Sunrise/Sunset Dragons
Sunrise/Sunset Egg Sunset Hatchling Matured Sunset Hatchling Female Sunset Adult Male Sunset Adult
Sunrise Hatchling Matured Sunrise Hatchling Female Sunrise Adult Male Sunrise Adult
Swallowtail Dragons
Swallowtail Egg Swallowtail Hatchling Matured Female Swallowtail Hatchling Female Swallowtail Adult Male Swallowtail Adult
Matured Male Swallowtail Hatchling
Terrae Dragons
Terrae Egg Terrae Egg Terrae Egg
Terrae Hatchling Matured Female Terrae Hatchling Female Terrae Adult Male Terrae Adult
Matured Male Terrae Hatchling
Turpentine Dragons
Turpentine Egg Turpentine Hatchling Matured Turpentine Hatchling Turpentine Adult
Water Dragons
Water Egg Water Hatchling Matured Female Water Hatchling Female Water Adult Male Water Adult
Matured Male Water Hatchling
Waterhorse Dragons
Waterhorse Egg Waterhorse Hatchling Matured Waterhorse Hatchling Female Waterhorse Adult Male Waterhorse Adult
Waterwalker Dragons
Waterwalker Egg Waterwalker Hatchling Matured Waterwalker Hatchling Waterwalker Adult
Whiptail Dragons
Whiptail Egg Whiptail Hatchling Matured Whiptail Hatchling Whiptail Adult
White Dragons
White Egg White Hatchling Matured White Hatchling White Adult
Yellow-Crowned Dragons
Yellow-Crowned Egg Yellow-Crowned Hatchie Yellow-Crowned Gendered Hatchie Yellow-Crowned Female Adult Yellow-Crowned Male Adult


Bright-Breasted Wyvern
Bright-Breasted Wyvern Egg Bright-Breasted Wyvern Hatchling Matured Bright-Breasted Wyvern Female Hatchling Bright-Breasted Wyvern Female Adult Bright-Breasted Wyvern Male Adult
Matured Bright-Breasted Wyvern Male Hatchling
Carmine Wyverns
Carmine Wyvern Egg Carmine Wyvern Hatchling Matured Carmine Wyvern Hatchling Carmine Wyvern Adult
Falcorniforn Wyverns
Falcorniforn Wyvern Egg Falcorniforn Wyvern Hatchling Female Matured Falcorniforn Wyvern Hatching Female Falcorniforn Wyvern Adult Male Falcorniforn Wyvern Adult
Male Matured Falcorniforn Wyvern Hatchling
Fever Wyvern
Fever Wyvern Egg Fever Wyvern Hatchling Matured Fever Wyvern Hatchling Fever Wyvern Adult
Flamingo Wyvern
Flamingo Wyvern Egg Flamingo Wyvern Hatchling Matured Flamingo Wyvern Female Hatchling Flamingo Wyvern Female Adult Flamingo Wyvern Male Adult
Matured Flamingo Wyvern Male Hatchling
Golden Wyverns
Golden Wyvern Egg Golden Wyvern Hatchling Matured Golden Wyvern Hatchling Golden Wyvern Adult Golden Wyvern Adult
Hellfire Wyverns
Hellfire Egg Hellfire Hatchling Matured Female Hellfire Hatchling Female Hellfire Adult Male Hellfire Adult
Matured Male Hatchling
Nebula Wyverns
Nebula Egg Nebula Hatchling Matured Female Nebula Hatchling Female Nebula Adult Male Nebula Adult
Matured Male Nebula Hatchling
Matured Female ALT Nebula Hatchling Female ALT Nebula Adult Male ALT Nebula Adult
Matured Male ALT Nebula Hatchling
Nhiostrife Wyverns
Nhiostrife Nhiostrife Hatchling Matured Nhiostrife Hatchling Adult Nhiostrife
Seragamma Wyvern Dragons
Seragamma Wyvern Egg Seragamma Wyvern Hatchling Matured Female Seragamma Wyvern Hatchling Female Seragamma Wyvern Adult Male Seragamma Wyvern Adult
Matured Male Seragamma Wyvern Hatchling
Tsunami Wyvern
Tsunami Wyvern Egg Tsunami Wyvern Hatchling Matured Female Tsunami Wyvern Hatchling Female Tsunami Wyvern Adult Male Tsunami Wyvern Adult
Matured Male Hatchling
Tri-Horn Wyverns
Tri-Horn Wyvern Egg Tri-Horn Wyvern Hatchling Matured Tri-Horn Wyvern Hatchling Tri-Horn Wyvern Female Adult Tri-Horn Wyvern Male Adult
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