Epic Two Headed Dragon Lineage

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Two-Headed Purebred Lineage

CB (1) Neirin and Cadoc Rhys Sioned and Wynne Rhys Eurwen and Briallen
CB (2) Gruffudd and Delwyn Keavy Deoiridh and Sineag Keavy Tierney and Grigor
CB (3) Searlas and Glendower Leary Gwawr and Maighread Leary Luiseach and Cerys
CB (4) Iago and Torquil Bran Abi and Caoilfhionn Bran Kelan and Calbhach

CB (5) Ronan and Finlay Berach Eilish and Isobel Berach Mairtin and Ceallach
CB (6) Comgan and Cathal Cathair Emer and Gwenith Cathair Derval and Gladys
CB (7) Vaughan and Evan Glenn Orna and Dilys Glenn Seachnall and Torin
CB (8) Geraint and Tudur Gavin Gobinet and Moyra Gavin Nora and Toireasa

CB (9) Afon and Mael Wynne Ishbel and Eimhir Wynne Murchadh and Iestyn
CB (10) Patrick and Blair Darach Bride and Eilidh Darach Caitriona and Enid
CB (11) Duncan and Gilroy Comhghall Orlaith and Frangag Comhghall Lile and Bebhionn
CB (12) Merfyn and Marcas Ceallachan Teasag and Seren Ceallachan Adhamh and Mannix

CB (13) Keith and Graeme Ailill Alis and Searlait Ailill Bridie and Aoibhe
CB (14) Lucas and Angus Brogan Elen and Ciara Brogan
Peadar and Fearghas
CB (15) Niall and Conor Mooney Ena and Tiwlip Mooney Nesta and Aeronwy
CB (16) Rhisiart and Anrai Macclelland Nora and Aine Macclelland Murray and Ruairidh

CB (17) Siorus and Jarlath MacCrumb Fenella and Shavonne MacCrumb Blodeuyn and Lleucu
CB (18) Seaghdha and Eimhin Hines Ciara and Flannan Hines Donella and Lile
CB (19) Jarlath and Tamhas O'Riain Beileag and Liadain O'Riain Merrion and Iain
CB (20) Iagan and Gethin O'Doyle Iuile and Eilis O'Doyle Ranald and Greig

CB (21) Colman and Desmond Rowan Winnifred and Hefina Rowan Lenox and Mungo
CB (22) Mabon and Lochlainn Magee Megan and Bedelia Magee Moreen and Kirstie
CB (23) Rian and Ninian Mcgill Abi and Lindsay Mcgill Blanid and Jamesina
CB (24) Neil and Tomi Jones Winifred and Dorean Jones Barclay and Siors

CB (25) Cainneach and Piaras Maccrum Liusaidh and Non Maccrum Heckie and Aonghus
CB (26) Nye and Clancy Roche Grizel and Murna Roche Shea and Ainsley
CB (27) Padrig and Keelan Corcoran Glenice and Flann Corcoran Fiona and Olwen
CB (28) Aodh and Talfryn O'Conaill Chevonne and Aideen O'Conaill Sadb and Moreen

CB (29) Pryce and Malachy Madigan Mairead and Estee Madigan Finley and Dafna
CB (30) Deorsa and Farquhar Durnin Mabyn and Lleucu Durnin Driscoll and Donnchad
CB (31) Breandan and Daithi Coleman Mared and Ennis Coleman Graeme and Comgan
CB (32) Marcas and Finbar Price Caoimhe and Ealasaid Price Gronw and Shea

CB (33) Labhras and Harri Evans Tegan and Dymphna Evans Bree and Sian
CB (34) Donnchadh and Phelim Murdock Mared and Maureen Murdock Gormlaith and Carson
CB (35) Celyn and Fingal Scully Gwendolyn and Blanid Scully Daividh and Colm
CB (36) Kerr and Blair Davies Laoise and Feidhelm Davies Ronit and Lindsey

CB (37) Turlough and Sawney Mcelligott Ornat and Gobnait Mcelligott Ruaridh and Barfhionn
CB (38) Fachtna and Fechin Spalding Bronwen and Marged Spalding Dubhghall and Lennox
CB (39) Feardorcha and David Taggart Eleri and Sibeal Taggart Keavy and Liadain
CB (40) Ellis and Iagan Hameldon Mallaidh and Sile Hameldon Ninian and Cefin

CB (41) Finnbar and Grady Mccabe Mavourneen and Derval Mccabe Meirion and Lughaidh
CB (42) Ruairidh and Aneurin Maccailin Gwladus and Athol Maccailin Neve and Blodwen
CB (43) Feardorcha and Lachlan Greer Myf and Grainne Greer Caitria and Donalda
CB (44) Fion and Tasgall Brady Bronach and Sheona Brady Tomi and Ivor

CB (45) Eifion and Siors Macintyre Tiwlip and Siomha Macintyre Shevaun and Eiluned
CB (46) Monroe and Callum Fitzpatrick Riona and Neassa Fitzpatrick Fionn and Blair
CB (47) Cefin and Logan Quigg Neasa and Lileas Quigg Daibhidh and Oscar
CB (48) Keenan and Taliesin Nevin Gwladys and Neilina Nevin Sheila and Eithne

CB (49) Mannix and Kerr Macentire Cerridwyn and Tesni Macentire Gwyn and Orlaith
CB (50) Pilib and Sioltach Lane Honora and Cairistiona Lane Patsy and Naomhan
CB (51) Maoilios and Eadbhard Finley Lewella and Gwen Finley Gaenor and Rhiannon
CB (52) Barra and Cameron Mcniadh Mysie and Eileen Mcniadh Sweeney and Fingall

CB (53) Scott and Donnchad Colquhoun Eilis and Darina Colquhoun Iarlaith and Aonghus
CB (54) Ranulf and Neifion Kidd Orfhlaith and Angharad Kidd Derval and Darina
CB (55) Awstin and Sechnall Montgomery Niamh and Ashling Montgomery Niall and Meical
CB (56) Douglass and Mannix O'Boyle Eirwen and Brighid O'Boyle Driscoll and Niven

CB (57) Emyr and Evander Sloan Finley and Shevaun Sloan Eithne and Morna
CB (58) Bedwyr and Daithi Maceachern Mairead and Naomh Maceachern Mor and Lean
CB (59) Gwyn and Ardal Rose Brighid and Doireann Rose Ailpein and Carbrey
CB (60) Rorie and Heulog Maolmhuaidh Lewella and Gwyneira Maolmhuaidh Sileas and Tesni

CB (61) Caoimhin and Fergus Nevin Rhosyn and Heledd Nevin Eithne and Eiluned
CB (62) Ithel and Glendower O'Malley Maisie and Morven O'Malley Pilib and Culhwch
CB (63) Carey and Ruaidhri Acheson Blanid and Feidhelm Acheson Frang and Colm
CB (64) Tearlach and Bryn O'Cnaimhin Meinir and Ceri O'Cnaimhin Liadain and Niamh

2nd (1) Tierney and Grigor Keavy Eurwen und Briallen Rhys Gwythyr and Moray
2nd (2) Mairtin and Ceallach Berach Luiseach and Cerys Leary Slaine and Aideen
2nd (3) Kelan and Calbhach Bran Derval and Gladys Cathair Phelan and Disgleirio
2nd (4) Seachnall and Torin Glenn Nora and Toireasa Gavin Dorean and Eileen

2nd (5) Murchadh and Iestyn Wynne Caitriona and Enid Darach Gobnet and Edna
2nd (6) Peadar and Fearghas Brogan Lile and Bebhionn Comhghall Dai and Craig
2nd (7) Adhamh and Mannix Ceallachan Bridie and Aoibhe Ailill Felim and Tierney
2nd (8) Murray and Ruairidh Macclelland Nesta and Aeronwy Mooney Cadi and Dylis

2nd (9) Merrion and Iain O'Riain Blodeuyn and Lleucu MacCrumb Naomhan and Emyr
2nd (10) Ranald and Greig O'Doyle Donella and Lile Hines Esyllt and Owena
2nd (11) Lenox and Mungo Rowan Moreen and Kirstie Magee Tamhas and Kane
2nd (12) Barclay and Siors Jones Blanid and Jamesina Mcgill PqHv0

2nd (13) Heckie and Aonghus Shea and Ainsley Roche Caoileann and Oighrig
2nd (14) Graeme Comgan Coleman Fiona and Olwen Corcoran Fionntan and Neil
2nd (15) Driscoll and Donnchad Durnin Sadb and Moreen O'Conaill Mairenn and Gwenda
2nd (16) Gronw and Shea Price Finley and Dafna Madigan Eoghan and Frazier

2nd (17) Daividh and Colm Scully Gormlaith and Carson Murdock Eadaoin and Beitris
2nd (18) Ruaridh and Barfhionn Mcelligott Bree and Sian Evans Farquhar and Aonghas
2nd (19) Dubhghall and Lennox Spalding Keavy and Liadain Taggart Tegwen and Fionola
2nd (20) Ninian and Cefin Hameldon Ronit and Lindsey Davies Sweeney and Tomos

2nd (21) Tomi and Ivor Brady Neve and Blodwen Maccailin Moreen and Moira
2nd (22) Fionn and Blair Fitzpatrick Sheila and Eithne Nevin Sweeney and Yale
2nd (23) Daibhidh and Oscar Quigg Shevaun and Eiluned Macintyre Greer and Meave
2nd (24) Sweeney and Fingall Mcniadh Gwyn and Orlaith Macentire Murphy and Sine

2nd (25) Patsy and Naomhan Lane Gaenor and Rhiannon Finley Beathan and Aonghus
2nd (26) Meirion and Lughaidh Mccabe Derval and Darina Kidd Shamus and Mainchin
2nd (27) Iarlaith and Aonghus Colquhoun Caitria and Donalda Greer Ruadh and Alby
2nd (28) Driscoll and Niven O'Boyle Sileas and Tesni Maolmhuaidh Daragh and Fionn

2nd (29) Pilib and Culhwch O'Malley Mor and Lean Maceachern Dympna and Aine
2nd (30) Ailpein and Carbrey Rose Liadain and Niamh O'Cnaimhin Ornat and Iseabail
2nd (31) Niall and Meical Montgomery Eithne and Eiluned Nevin Meabh and Meave
2nd (32) Frang and Colm Acheson Eithne and Morna Sloan Grizel and Dympna

3rd (1) Gwythyr and Moray Keavy Slaine and Aideen Leary Anna and Katelynn
3rd (2) Phelan and Disgleirio Bran Dorean and Eileen Gavin Callum and Celyn
3rd (3) Dai and Craig Brogan Gobnet and Edna Darach Aifric and Mallaidh
3rd (4) Felim and Tierney Ceallachan Cadi and Dylis Mooney Fingal and Illtyd

3rd (5) Naomhan and Emyr O'Riain Esyllt and Owena Hines Aodhagan and Ianto
3rd (6) Tamhas and Kane Rowan Peigi and Honora Mcgill Brigid and Bethan
3rd (7) Fionntan and Neil Coleman Caoileann and Oighrig Roche Neilina and Rodina
3rd (8) Eoghan and Frazier Price Mairenn and Gwenda O'Conaill Cody and Sawney

3rd (9) Farquhar and Aonghas Mcelligott Eadaoin and Beitris Murdock Cadi and Oonagh
3rd (10) Sweeney and Tomos Hameldon Tegwen and Fionola Taggart Stiofan and Tiarnach
3rd (11) Sweeney and Yale Fitzpatrick Greer and Meave Macintyre Catriona and Kirsty
3rd (12) Beathan and Aonghus Lane Moreen and Moira Maccailin Cadoc and Oscar

3rd (13) Shamus and Mainchin Mccabe Murphy and Sine Macentire Delma and Devin
3rd (14) Ruadh and Alby Colquhoun Dympna and Aine Maceachern Shay and Bedwyr
3rd (15) Daragh and Fionn O'Boyle Ornat and Iseabail O'Cnaimhin Mave and Gobinet
3rd (16) Grizel and Dympna Acheson Meabh and Meave Nevin Trystan and Heulog

4th (1) Callum and Celyn Bran Anna and Katelynn Leary Luiseach and Maura
4th (2) Fingal and Illtyd Ceallachan Aifric and Mallaidh Darach Illtyd and Llewelyn
4th (3) Aodhagan and Ianto O'Riain Brigid and Bethan Mcgill Odhran and Daithi
4th (4) Cody and Sawney Price Neilina and Rodina Roche Myfanwy and Rionach

4th (5) Stiofan and Tiarnach Hameldon Catriona and Kirsty Macintyre Onora and Gwynedd
4th (6) Cadoc and Oscar Lane Cadi and Oonagh Murdock Siothrun and Gus
4th (7) Shay and Bedwyr Colquhoun Delma and Devin Macentire Scott and Fechin
4th (8) Trystan and Heulog Acheson Mave and Gobinet O'Cnaimhin Finley and Ailbhe

5th (1) Illtyd and Llewelyn Ceallachan Luiseach and Maura Leary Cahir and Drystan
5th (2) Odhran and Daithi O'Riain Myfanwy and Rionach Roche Malina and Muireann
5th (3) Siothrun and Gus Lane Onora and Gwynedd Macintyre Aeron and Eluned
5th (4) Scott and Fechin Colquhoun Finley and Ailbhe O'Cnaimhin Aindriu and Gwillym

6th Cahir and Drystan Ceallachan Malina and Muireann Roche Fionnlagh and Gronw
6th Aindriu and Gwillym Colquhoun Aeron and Eluned Macintyre Orlaith and Ennis

7th Fionnlagh and Gronw Ceallachan Orlaith and Ennis Macintyre Ciara and Nessa
8th Ciara and Nessa Macintyre