Epic Two Headed Dragon Lineage 2

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Two-Headed Dragon Lineage (Part 2)

CB (1) Gwallter Andreas McNiel Glenda and Norene McNiel Micheil and Dand
CB (2) Rearden and Keefe Walsh Eleri and Mairi Walsh Sechnall and Cillian
CB (3) Siothrun and Conchur Darrow Shevon and Norene Darrow Eilidh and Shan
CB (4) Einri and Aengus Tracey Blair and Braith Tracey Deirbhile and Rathnait

CB (5) Muiris and Erskine MacCarrick Eimhear and Aoife MacCarrick Teigue and Beathan
CB (6) Uisdean and Cianan Ahearne Sioned and Lindsey Ahearne Oona and Carson
CB (7) Uilliam and Comhghan O'Tadhgain Cait and Dympna O'Tadhgain Maire and Laoise
CB (8) Grigor and Cianan McCrae Aranrhod and Etna McCrae Gwynedd Osheen

CB (9) Somhairle and Greer Gorman Heulwen and Moirin Gorman Aoibheann and Blodeuwedd
CB (10) Glendower and Gregor Daley Donaldina and Rhianon Daley Bebhinn and Morwen
CB (11) Fergus and Caradoc Lesley Morven and Aislin Lesley Laoghaire and Somhairle
CB (12) Paddy and Donovan Stuart Aran and Lindsay Stuart Meabh and Aoibhin

CB (13) Caerwyn and Ardghal Leslie Ciannait and Aisling Leslie Allen and Cody
CB (14) Vaughan and Brin MacFhionnlaigh Fergie and Aeron MacFhionnlaigh Liusai and Innes
CB (15) Tegid and Finnbarr Morris Eimhir and Ethne Morris Cadfael and Conn
CB (16) Taskill and Duncan Scully Caitlin and Carey Scully Ciar and Blair

CB (17) Llewelyn and Merfyn Jernigan Afanen and Eilionoir Jernigan Trefor and Sean
CB (18) Maghnus and Barclay Underwood Dilwen and Isla Underwood Onora and Granya
CB (19) Keenan and Ramsay Findlay Fionnghuala and Elain Findlay Bethan and Gwladus
CB (20) Culhwch and Amhlaoibh Yates Lindsay and Moyna Yates Bethan and Carys

CB (21) Flurry and Coinneach Melvin Mared and Gwawr Melvin Tasgall and Coinneach
CB (22) Daividh and Patsy Fitzpatrick Ethna and Honora Fitzpatrick Bedelia and Mairwen
CB (23) Raibeart and Tudor Murdock Carys and Morven Murdock Sadb and Mallaidh
CB (24) Neifion and Taliesin Tracy Dervla and Gwladus Tracy Keane and Cameron

CB (25) Sweeney and Killian Ramsey Shona and Mabyn Ramsey Ceallagh and Afon
CB (26) Devin and Gallagher Carr Raicheal and Maeve Carr Ofydd and Boyd
CB (27) Rory and Frang Quigley Devnet and Saibh Quigley Bidelia and Caoileann
CB (28) Cathal and Eachann Saigairt Catrina and Llinos Saigairt Iseabail and Gwen

CB (29) Siors and Emlyn Lyne Lile and Roisin Lyne Sileas and Myrna
CB (30) Kane and Declan Ellis Ffraid and Saundra Ellis Ionatan and Yorath
CB (31) Ruadhan and Price Moffet Tegwen and Donella Moffett Morag and Eleri
CB (32) Ciar and Maoilios Duncanson Fiona and Eithne Duncanson Niall and Bevan

CB (33) Conchur and Neil McAfee Kenina and Brogan McAfee Dafydd and Hamish
CB (34) Ilar and Wynn Nevin Blair and Lillias Nevin Tiwlip and Fedelma
CB (35) Suibne and Findlay MacKenna Eadan and Ronit MacKenna Myfanwy and Una
CB (36) Flann and Artair Dougherty Eirian and Mhairi Dougherty Paderau and Felim

CB (37) Meirion and Wynne MacQueen Finola and Mairead MacQueen Sawney and Mannix
CB (38) Gronw and Ualan Friel Gwenda and Lile Friel Aodh and Phelan
CB (39) Dubhghlas and Sean Duibhshithe Seonaid and Kirsteen Duibhshithe Felim and Tadhg
CB (40) Iain and Donal McKenzie AD18r 11th Jan 18, 8:13 no int

CB (41) Alastar and Neil Holmes Morag and Greer Holmes Pedr and Findlay
CB (42) Tighe and Ryan Beattie Siomha and Aithne Beattie Seren and Neve Beattie
CB (43) Feidhlimidh and Andreas Taggart M1VAU 11th Jan 18, 8:17 no int
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2nd (1) Sechnall and Cillian Walsh Bethan and Gwladus Findlay Shay and Bruce
2nd (2) Teigue and Beathan MacCarrick Oona and Carson Ahearne Kilian and Cowal
2nd (3) Gwynedd Osheen McCrae Aoibheann and Blodeuwedd Gorman Mave and Elspeth
2nd (4) Laoghaire and Somhairle Lesley Bebhinn and Morwen Daley Winnifred and Aileas

2nd (5) Micheil and Dand McNiel Meabh and Aoibhin Stuart Kilian and Carwyn
2nd (6) Allen and Cody Leslie Liusai and Innes MacFhionnlaigh Bron and Ceri
2nd (7) Cadfael and Conn Morris Bethan and Carys Yates Nerys and Catrina
2nd (8) Ciar and Blair Scully Onora and Granya Underwood Driscoll and Lochlann

2nd (9) Trefor and Sean Jernigan Deirbhile and Rathnait Tracey Tierney and Kentigern
2nd (10) Tasgall and Coinneach Melvin Bedelia and Mairwen Fitzpatrick Iona and Caoimhe
2nd (11) Keane and Cameron Tracy Sadb and Mallaidh Murdock 8th Feb, 5:28 TNAsa
2nd (12) Ceallagh and Afon Ramsey Bidelia and Caoileann Quigley 8th Feb, 5:28 pixHq

2nd (13) Ofydd and Boyd Carr Iseabail and Gwen Saigairt 8th Feb, 5:28 2XYfB
2nd (14) Ionatan and Yorath Ellis Sileas and Myrna Lyne 8th Feb, 5:28 no int
2nd (15) Dafydd and Hamish McAfee Tiwlip and Fedelma Nevin 8th Feb, 5:28 162JC
2nd (16) Niall and Bevan Duncanson Morag and Eleri Moffett

2nd Paderau and Felim Dougherty Myfanwy and Una MacKenna
2nd Sawney and Mannix MacQueen Maire and Laoise O'Tadhgain
2nd Aodh and Phelan Friel Eilidh and Shan Darrow
2nd Felim and Tadhg Duibhshithe Seren and Neve Beattie

2nd Pedr and Findlay Holmes

3rd (1) Kilian and Cowal MacCarrick Mave and Elspeth Gorman Reese and Breandan
3rd (2) Driscoll and Lochlann Scully Winnifred and Aileas Daley Fiona and Gwawr
3rd (3) Shay and Bruce Walsh Bron and Ceri MacFhionnlaigh
3rd (4) Kilian and Carwyn McNiel Nerys and Catrina Yates

3rd (5) Tierney and Kentigern Jernigan Iona and Caoimhe Fitzpatrick
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4th Reese and Breandan MacCarrick Fiona and Gwawr Daley
2nd-Hand-Lineage (Dragons from other scrolls)
2nd "Shane and Preston Maiblum" "Ciara and Nessa MacDubh" Lyall and Kennard Maiblum
2nd "John and Jenkins Secunda" "Jean and Jane Twostep" Magnus and Hevey
2nd "Minion and Takon Seuss" "Teresa and Margaret Twostone"
2nd "" "Trex and Peiga Mutfursdotter"
2nd "" ""
3rd *Lyall and Kennard Maiblum* "Magarete and Gina Threefold"
3rd *Magnus and Hevey Trifectra*
3rd "Maino and Zarbo Orano"