Dragon Lineages R-S

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
Razorcrest Wyverns
This blue and bronze egg piques your curiosity.
CB (1) Irma Vanderbloom
CB (2) Amanda Vanderbloom
CB (3) Kara Vanderbloom
CB (4) Celia Vanderbloom

CB ()
Red-finned Tidal Dragons
This egg is wet from the waves and has bright red stripes.
CB ()
Royal Crimson Dragons
This large egg is a dark crimson color.
CB (1) yusHS bd3v1
CB ()
Sapphire Dragons
This egg looks like a beautiful blue stone.
CB (1) xOr63 qVMmt
CB (2) thBO7 fXwmK
CB (3) uASQ1 tButP
CB (4) AmTyz XhZUP

CB (5) v0jVJ 5Emdb
CB (7) URLRu
CB ()

Scimitar-Wing Wyvern
This egg seems quite harmless.
CB gIsCj sC4We pUb8V
CB 751Df wfkhk ULBih

2nd ULBih pUb8V
Script Dragons
This egg is covered in mysterious patterns.
CB (1) Sebastian Van Veidt Victoria Van Veidt
CB (2) Adrian Van Veidt Lavender Van Veidt
CB (3) Lola Van Veidt
CB (4) Ulrike Van Veidt

CB ()
Seragamma Wyvern
This plain-looking egg has faint speckles.
CB (1) Bart Ockreeton Jade Ockreeton
CB (2) East Ockreeton West Ockreeton
CB (3) Room Ockreeton Jump Ockreeton
CB (4) Zuphor Ockreeton Lyra Ockreeton

CB (5) Flan Ockreeton

Sinii Krai Dragons
This striped egg has a warm glow.
CB (1) P1o67 hGOvj
CB (2) QXedp A9FyI
CB (3) 2VRHJ
CB (4)

CB ()
Siyat Dragons (Blue)
This egg seems to be glowing in spots.
CB ()
Siyat Dragons (Green)
This egg seems to be glowing in spots.
CB ()
Siyat Dragons (Purple)
This egg seems to be glowing in spots.
CB ()
Speckle-throated Dragon
This egg has a rough—yet shiny—shell.
CB ()
Spinel Wyverns
This glassy egg has a single stripe on it.
CB (1) Marcus Armetystus Viola Armetysta
CB (2) Julius Armetystus Maria Armetysta
CB (3) Rufus Armetystus Mia Armetysta
CB ()

CB ()
CB ()
Spirit Ward
This egg glows from within.
CB (1) xNwai MWmWo
CB (2) E0a1H RYu4p
CB (3) KvSZF drzeT
CB (4) Dz9Bj xHfrd

CB (5) D1yba XNUZc
CB (6) oLdTD
CB ()
Spitfire Dragons
This egg has brightly colored markings on it.
CB (1) Hector Wuestling Elena Wuestling
CB (2) Gobi Wuestling Nandia Wuestling
CB (3) Oedeko Wuestling Saharah Wuestling
CB (4) Zargon Wuestling
with help from others scrolls
2nd "Egon Wuestling" "Sahara Wuestling "
Spotted Greenwing
This egg is covered in bright spots.
CB (1) Is'nar Oakton PgVln
CB (2) 3BWH5 KtCiL
Storm Dragons
This egg is surrounded by fog.
CB Zepholon Zingarra YTB
CB Zolthan Zamyra
CB Zabrakus Zerwelina
Stormrider Dragon
You can feel the static electricity that surrounds this egg.
Striped River Dragons
A small puddle of condensation has collected under this egg.
CB 8Xgst RcZ9m
CB Zac1g

Sunsong Amphiptere
This egg changes colors in the sunlight.
CB fBXr4 gPpNY
CB GJoko
Sunstone Dragon
This egg resembles a glowing stone.
CB (1) 9XhLO
CB ()
Swallowtail Dragons
This egg has a very thin shell.

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