Lineages with BSA dragons

Primary Purebred Pairs

Magi Purebred Lineage

Magis are pretty dragons, still for the longest time I only had one pair and never kept the offspring.

For now, I only plan to stick to four cb pairs and who knows one day I might stock up.

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
CB (1) Estophor Eukanoba Ingara
CB (2) Em'erald Euretria Incantata
CB (3) Efruysius Ehlysia Indygho
CB (4) Enduron Envydia Illuminatus

CB (5) Enkylon Evyta Ignibrot
CB (6) Enigmanon Ezmeralta Ignuas
CB (7) Erbaru Ermalia Ischaria
CB (8) Emilyon Elohria Imjugous

CB (9) Eruwion Emaggene
CB (10) Ellyot Ellanya
CB (11) Ehster
CB ()

2nd (1) Indygho Incantata Ome'ga
2nd (2) Illuminatus Ingara Ondrachek
2nd (3) Ignuas Ischaria
2nd (4) Imjugous

2nd (5) Ignibrot
2nd (6)

3rd (1) Ondrachek Ome'ga Ulmastios
3rd (2) Onisia
3rd ()

4th (1) Ulmastios
Pink Purebred Lineage

Naming my pinks after beautiful songs was the idea from almost the beginning. For now I want to start with 8 Depeche Mode Songs and 8 from Laura Brannigan. Those I want to breed till the 4th gen and then breed them to get a 5th gen.

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
CB (1) It is no good Sister of Night Insyght
CB (2) Tainted Lo've The Sweetest Condition Love Thieves
CB (3) Question of Lust Never let me down agayn Stripped
CB (4) Strange Lo've Enjoy the Sylence In your room

CB (5) Self Control Hot Nyght If that's what it takes
CB (6) Spanish Eddie All night with me The Challenge
CB (7) Shattered Glass The Lucky One Deep In The Dark
CB (8) Shadow of Lo've Maybe tonight The Best was yet to come

CB (9) All we are Kiss me like a cobra
CB (10) For love and friendship Metal Tango
CB (11) Who do you love Scar'red
CB (12) Love me forever Born to bleed

CB (13) The Middle of the Night Heart of Everythyng
CB (14) Why not me A demon's fate
CB (15) A demon's fate Fynal Destination
CB (16) What have you done Where is the edge

CB (17) The Night moved on Circles of Love
CB (18) Land of Tomatoes Game of Love
CB (19) Back to the Roots 9UbQL
CB (20) Come Into my Life

CB (21) tJHv3
CB ()

2nd (1) Love Thieves Insyght Walk'ing in my shoes
2nd (2) In your room Stripped Suf'fer Well
2nd (3) If that's what it takes The Challenge Satysfaction
2nd (4) The Best was yet to come Deep In The Dark Silent Partners

2nd ()

3rd Suf'fer Well Walk'ing in my shoes Everythyng Counts
3rd Satysfaction Silent Partners Moonlight on Water

4th gen Moonlight on Water Everythyng Counts Every Last Drop
5th Every Last Drop
Purple Purebred Lineage

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
CB (1) Nomatolon Brandywine Deemeter
CB (2) Frolukkus Appolonia Deekan
CB (3) Ulmorphisus Kunygunde Barriton
CB (4) Merkurant Kuni'gunde

CB (5) Sanzibar Dryaknia
CB (6) Kirmono Bergetone
CB (7) Hormonius Jarlene
CB (8) Brokant Udrana

CB ()

2nd (1) Deekan Deemeter Gerryt
2nd (2) Barriton

3rd (1) Gerryt
3rd ()
with help from other scrolls
2nd (2) Purple Purrpose
Red Purebred Lineage

Red Dragons are amazing. Even before Incubate, I wanted to work on a big lineage with them. However, they became extremly rare. Now, they are easy to pick up in the desert enabling me to work on this project again.
I probably will rename a few of the dragons, to classical single word names that sound befitting to a dragon. For example, Matafleur is Red Dragon from the Dragonlance Series.

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
CB (1) Uranaamar Matafleur Valkyrie Cain
CB (2) Shenguo Faengshui Cinnabara
CB (3) Ghastly Bespoken Tanith Low Fletcher Renn
CB (4) Straabo China Sorrows Eachan Meritorious

CB (5) Ariman Kamina Sarafarina
CB (6) Koren Tabiata Chasira
CB (7) Tarkmon Glowryana Markurak
CB (8) Draagomir Drahkana Degemo

CB (9) Hordak the Cunning Shadow Weaverr Stolen Adora
CB (10) Tooranaga Kastaspella Tooranga
CB (11) Torkatan Ragshasa Grusak
CB (12) Itorion Tenefua Thorkan

CB (13) Straatos Jamira Layssa
CB (14) Damarr Furnacia Agmunder
CB (15) Farazet Lucasta Ihmana
CB (16) Barikel Greimura Thairya

CB (17) Damodarr Anjilia Antorros
CB (18) Falcondonte Darquesse Fyguria
CB (19) Dartthross Leondina Ranzolph
CB (20) Snorefeng Gemilia no egg

CB (21) Ornedarko Latvya no int
CB (22) Abrartormius Karinia Keynifia
CB (23) Emyron Jameira Reliquius
CB (24) Korbelt Lefarya Merynda

CB (25) Myltiades Meridya
CB (26) Rud'yard Scar'let
CB (27) Radclyff Kammalla
CB (28) Roriton Magaredta

CB (29) Flambarde Flannaka
CB (30) Kalamito Ekatafang
CB (31) Trakenius Cimburleigh
CB (32) Olbrecht Angyleenah

CB (33) Groferano Bulenxia
CB (34) Zellfon
CB (35) Holyton
CB ()

2nd (1) Fletcher Renn Valkyrie Cain Natarata
2nd (2) Eachan Meritorious Cinnabara Shendaro
2nd (3) Degemo Chasira Dackja
2nd (4) Markurak Safarina Anncelyn

2nd (5) Larkon Stolen Adora Ujahna
2nd (6) Grusak Thairya Malcow
2nd (7) Agmunder Layssa Baratha
2nd (8) Thorkan Ihmana Bela'rus

2nd (9) Antorros Fyguria Galycius
2nd (10) Ranzolph Keynifia
2nd (11) Reliquius Merynda Chashra
2nd ()

3rd (1) Shendaro Natarata Antius
3rd (2) Anncelyn Dackja Deenja
3rd (3) Malcow Ujahna Oljava
3rd (4) Bela'rus Baratha Zargotius

3rd (5) Galycius Chashra
3rd ()
3rd ()

4th (1) Antius Deenja Hertian
4th (2) Zargotius Oljava Brasquetia
5th Hertian Brasquetia Herold
6th (1) Herold
2nd hand Lineage (some eggs from other scrolls)
2nd "Coremajan" "Aelmentra" Genko
2nd "Siggurdson" "Tenefua Rhudd" Terra Sacra
2nd "Xoachser Crimson" "Eveel Snap" Trahearn
2nd "Texaxio Seeryu" "Engulfang"
2nd "" ""
3rd *Genko* *Terra Sacra* Vithrilos Sanctos
3rd *Trahearn*
3rd "Sandurz" "Vyvia" Kanivia
3rd "Rador the Bloody"
4th *Vithrilos Sanctos* *Kanivia* Sanctarios Karnivor
5th *Sanctarios Karnivor* "Sanguine Soothsayer" Sucuria Amontaia
6th ** *Sucuria Amontaia*
Ice Dragons
CB (1) Antarctus Antarctika Allfrost
CB (2) Eissplitterer Crystablanca Crystalmeyl
CB ()

2nd Allfrost Crystalmeyl
Magma Dragons
CB (1) Lavatus of Corsica Fira of Corsica YTB
CB (2) Phyrrus of Cyprus Pompeia of Cypres YTB
CB (3) Magmaton of Korfu Shariza of Korfu YTB
CB (4) Hephaistos of Crete Athene of Crete no egg

CB Vaso of Stromboli Xene of Stromboli
CB Magmatron of Purita
Thunder Dragons
CB Thor the Mighty Freyja the Mighty
CB Faradir of Sparka Tondra of Sparka Marakan
CB Morgot Stormfront Travestia Stormfront
CB Zephoron Blitzzen Helena Blitzzen Ragshaza Blitzzen

2nd Markan of Sparka Ragshaza Blitzzen
2nd hand Lineage (some eggs from other scrolls)
2nd "Kyra von den Asen"