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How my Rating System works

It's probably not the most original idea in the net, but I always wanted to do this. Especially since I seldom agree with assesments of others. Not to mention that I often miss an explanation of the criterita used. This is why this page exist.

Here I explain how my rating system works and what my criterias are. Some of the categories are of course something where my personal assessment and feelings come into play. But with some other points, I think it pays off to know how I reached the rating.

The scale goes from 0 to 10 stars.


This is how about how clever a character is. Not just one sided skills but the general ability to cope with situations, make plans and/or many other things as well. Some characters are extremly stupid, they rely on luck (the favour of the screenplay writer) and never pause to think about what they are doing. They would get few stars. The middle field is for characters, who can see and act upon the obvious, but are not overly smart, although they might be creative in certain situations. The end of the scale is reserved for those who make little to no mistakes, think everything through and usually stay one step ahead of their enemies.


How physical characters are. When they avoid physical work and fights, they score a one or two. Those in the middle are those mainly instruct and avoid physical challenges when possible but are capable of handling themselves when they have to. The more physically active charactes are and willing to get their hands dirty the more likely they will be rated at the end of this scale.


If the character is good at his profession, he will have a fair amount of stars. Should his skills go beyond the ordinary for his profession or life-style he probably will raise even more stars. Those who are not very competent at their job and have little to make up for it, will no doubt get one or two stars at most. This is also strongly tied to the verse this is set in or the profession. A thief can be highly skilled and still do not know magic.


How well the character can intimidate, lead or seduce other characters, a character with a low rating will no doubt need alternative means to reach his goals. Characters with high rating, usually can sway a situation just by being there and impressing the hell out of everyone. I try to focus on how the other characters re-act and not on my personal feelings.

Sex Appeal:

Definitely the most subjective rating point here, as it is not based on any facts or popular statistics, it is how attractive I find the character at hand. Low rating indicates that I find the character not very appealing, while from seven on you can be sure I would not chase the character out of my bed. As I usually find characters I like also very attractive (even though some might not think of them as appealing) this is probably the one section that will get the most golden stars.


A factor that is tied in a little bit with physical, but goes more about how well the character can take damage. Sometimes that is emotional but more often physical. Is it hard to kill him? Is the character virtually indestructable? All of course in relation to the fandom. Because otherwise I would need a larger scale to make up between the difference of a machine, a vampire and ordinary mortals.


Depending on wether the characters is a good guy or one of the baddies, I will rate how good or bad they are. Villains with little malice will get fewer stars than those who are willing to destroy others without mercy. Same goes for heroes, those who are willing to risk a high body count will not rate high, while those who are caring about those around them and only go after the guilty ones will certainly rate higher. But also other factors go in this. A selfish hero will have less stars than a villain, who should be selfish.