Sunset and Sunrise Alternating Lineages

GenMaleFemaleStatusOffspring / Info
From Dawn till Dusk Lineage

CB (1) Rufus of the First Dawn Anabell of the First Dawn Mars
CB (2) Fallon of the First Dawn Carrie of the First Dawn June
CB (3) Charon of the First Dawn Leila of the First Dawn Saturnus
CB (4) Darion of the First Dawn Kara of the First Dawn Juno

CB (5) Ferdor of the First Dawn Hanna of the First Dawn Jupiter
CB (6) Lorn of the First Dawn Fenia of the First Dawn Ragnar
CB (7) Othello of the First Dawn Serena of the First Dawn Thalia
CB (8) Oberon of the First Dawn Titania of the First Dawn Janine

CB (9) Thorne of the First Dawn Camille of the First Dawn Eretia
CB (10) Norris of the First Dawn Josephine of the First Dawn Jama
CB (11) Jafar of the First Dawn Joanne of the First Dawn Iboria
CB (12) Killian of the First Dawn Esbeth of the First Dawn Dalton

CB (13) Moeric of the First Dawn Saraza of the First Dawn Chamelle
CB (14) Harkur of the First Dawn Lianne of the First Dawn Zuwila
CB (15) Magnus of the First Dawn Enya of the First Dawn Darmok
CB (16) Goran of the First Dawn Sonja of the First Dawn Temogin

CB (17) Melbourn of the First Dawn Miskaja of the First Dawn Sherisse
CB (18) Nugent of the First Dawn Ricarda of the First Dawn Torwal
CB (19) Rabius of the First Dawn Lyssa of the First Dawn Saphira
CB (20) Trellion of the First Dawn Magnolia of the First Dawn Shinova

CB (21) Favai of the First Dawn Jubilee of the First Dawn Lamont
CB (22) Goodwyn of the First Dawn Gemma of the First Dawn Sandara
CB (23) Icarus of the First Dawn Onjaka of the First Dawn Copernicus
CB (24) Trucaron of the First Dawn Shiva of the First Dawn Keriona

CB (25) Marsallo of the First Dawn Elvira of the First Dawn Majoran
CB (26) Allysed of the First Dawn Welma of the First Dawn Trevano
CB (27) Jarred of the First Dawn Oeyema of the First Dawn Acaranna
CB (28) Wangros of the First Dawn Ijuna of the First Dawn Pennicus

CB (29) Tetrion of the First Dawn Lydia of the First Dawn Jiomon
CB (30) Ragnar of the First Dawn Oprah of the First Dawn Einar
CB (31) Pagreson of the First Dawn Nikita of the First Dawn Faline
CB (32) Haloran of the First Dawn Imera of the First Dawn Jamelia

2nd (1) Mars of the Second Dusk June of the Second Dusk Merkur
2nd (2) Jupiter of the Second Dusk Juno of the Second Dusk Jamballa
2nd (3) Saturnus of the Second Dusk Thalia of the Second Dusk Vara
2nd (4) Ragnar of the Second Dusk Janine of the Second Dusk Lavender

2nd (5) Jama of the Second Dusk Eretia of the Second Dusk Tarnon
2nd (6) Dalton of the Second Dusk Iboria of the Second Dusk Marga
2nd (7) Darmok of the Second Dusk Zuwila of the Second Dusk Markos
2nd (8) Temogin of the Second Dusk Chamelle of the Second Dusk Shazza

2nd (9) Lamont of the Second Dusk Sherisse of the Second Dusk Ulrike
2nd (10) Majoran of the Second Dusk Keriona of the Second Dusk Debiliah
2nd (11) Copernicus of the Second Dusk Sandara of the Second Dusk Newton
2nd (12) Trevano of the Second Dusk Shinova of the Second Dusk Oliviere

2nd (13) Einar of the Second Dusk Acaranna of the Second Dusk Latoya
2nd (14) Pennicus of the Second Dusk Saphira of the Second Dusk Leonard
2nd (15) Torwal of the Second Dusk Jamelia of the Second Dusk Hanigan
2nd (16) Jiomon of the Second Dusk Faline of the Second Dusk Esmeralde

3rd (1) Merkur of the Third Dawn Jamballa of the Third Dawn Laila
3rd (2) Lavender of the Third Dawn Vara of the Third Dawn Ulrik
3rd (3) Tarnon of the Third Dawn Marga of the Third Dawn Traephor
3rd (4) Newton of the Third Dawn Shazza of the Third Dawn Cella

3rd (5) Markos of the Third Dawn Ulrike of the Third Dawn Angelika
3rd (6) Leonard of the Third Dawn Debiliah of the Third Dawn Kesulia
3rd (7) Oliviere of the Third Dawn Latoya of the Third Dawn Elminster
3rd (8) Hanigan of the Third Dawn Esmeralde of the Third Dawn Garret

3rd ()

4th (1) Ulrik of the Fourth Dusk Laila of the Fourth Dusk Tanya
4th (2) Traephor of the Fourth Dawn Cella of the Fourth Dusk Kullen
4th (3) Elminster of the Fourth Dusk Angelika of the Fourth Dusk Fenton
4th (4) Garret of the Fourth Dusk Kesulia of the Fourth Dusk Sadiya
5th Kullen of the Fifth Dawn Tanya of the Fifth Dawn Zorro
5th Fenton of the Fifth Dawn Sadiya of the Fifth Dawn Algard

6th Zorro of the Sixth Dusk Algard of the Sixth Dusk Adelantado
7th Adelantado of the Seventh Dawn
Dragons "out of order"
2nd "Jamal of the Second Dusk" "Sabira of the Second Dusk" Javelin
2nd "Latte of the Second Dusk" "Aurora of the Second Dusk" Melitta
2nd "Tschibo of the Second Dusk" "Celeana of the Second Dusk"
3rd *Javelin of the Third Dawn* *Melitta of the Third Dawn* Acorn
4th *Acorn of the Fourth Dusk*
From Dusk till Dawn Lineage

CB (1) Longinus Nightspell Marina Nightspell Agrippina Lightspell
CB (2) Junius Nightspell Nerva Nightspell Aelius Lightspell
CB (3) Nextus Nightspell Junia Nightspell Aemilius Lightspell
CB (4) Novalis Nightspell Marcella Nightspell Aemeliana

CB (5) Nonus Nightspell Lucilla Nightspell Atilius
CB (6) Martialis Nightspell Laelia Nightspell Aquilia
CB (7) Lucianus Nightspell Marcia Nightspell Antonia Lightspell
CB (8) Marius Nightspell Nona Nightspell Augustus Lightspell

CB (9) Livius Nightspell Martina Nightspell Antonius
CB (10) Laurentius Nightspell Lucia Nightspell Ahenobarbus
CB (11) Maximinus Nightspell Lucretia Nightspell Augusta
CB (12) Gnaeus Nightspell Hilaria Nightspell Appius

CB (13) Hadrianus Nightspell Iovita Nightspell Adriana
CB (14) Iovitus Nightspell Hortensia Nightspell Aurelia
CB (15) Hilarius Nightspell Herminia Nightspell Albinus
CB (16) Gratianus Nightspell Liviana Nightspell Aeliana

CB (17) Gaius Nightspell Hestia Nightspell Andania
CB (18) Hovidius Nightspell Iana Nightspell Alvena
CB (19) Melcus Nightspell Locena Nightspell Azala
CB (20) Gladius Nightspell Nivia Nightspell Animus

CB (21) Martinus Nightspell Levina Nightspell Agrevus
CB (22) Geminus Nightspell Gerda Nightspell Attia
CB (23) Marcellus Nightspell Lesandra Nightspell Agatha
CB (24) Gramaticus Nightspell Nugata Nightspell Agrivius

CB (25) Helladius Nightspell Lytiana Nightspell Amonius
CB (26) Nividius Nightspell Halelya Nightspell Avitus
CB (27) Menicus Nightspell Natica Nightspell Aliatus
CB (28) Hermeticus Nightspell Meliana Nightspell Albus

CB (29) Gobarus Nightspell Huvilia Nightspell Avicii
CB (30) Geladius Nightspell Heistia Nightspell Alana
CB (31) Nonentius Nightspell Gerdonia Nightspell Amalgatus
CB (32) Lavaticus Nightspell Longara Nightspell Andrea

CB (33) Halldart Nightspell Molinia Nightspell
CB ()

2nd (1) Aemilius Lightspell Aemeliana Lightspell Vibius
2nd (2) Aelius Lightspell Agrippina Lightspell Verginia
2nd (3) Atilius Lightspell Aquilia Lightspell Varinius
2nd (4) Augustus Lightspell Antonia Lightspell Varinia

2nd (5) Antonius Lightspell Augusta Lightspell Vitus
2nd (6) Ahenobarbus Lightspell Adriana Lightspell Vespasianus
2nd (7) Albinus Lightspell Aurelia Lightspell Valeriana
2nd (8) Appius Lightspell Aeliana Lightspell Vibiana

2nd (9) Agrevus Lightspell Andania Lightspell Vestibus
2nd (10) Amonius Lightspell Alvena Lightspell Victoria
2nd (11) Animus Lightspell Azala Lightspell Virginia
2nd (12) Albus Lightspell Attia Lightspell Vermilion

2nd (13) Avitus Lightspell Agatha Lightspell Vigunia
2nd (14) Aliatus Lightspell Andrea Lightspell Valisia
2nd (15) Amalgatus Lightspell Alana Lightspell Vinilius
2nd (16) Agrivius Lightspell Avicii Lightspell Vatarius

3rd (1) Vibius Nightspell Verginia Nightspell Octavia
3rd (2) Varinius Nightspell Varinia Nightspell Ovidus
3rd (3) Vespasianus Nightspell Valeriana Nightspell Octavian
3rd (4) Vitus Nightspell Vibiana Nightspell Olana

3rd (5) Vestibus Nightspell Virginia Nightspell Osostrivus
3rd (6) Vermilion Nightspell Vigunia Nightspell Oleandra
3rd (7) Vatarius Nightspell Victoria Nightspell Omigus
3rd (8) Vinilius Nightspell Valisia Nightspell Origamia

4th (1) Ovidus Lightspell Octavia Lightspell Prisca
4th (2) Octavian Lightspell Olana Lightspell Pilatus
4th (3) Osostrivus Lightspell Oleandra Lightspell Papagenus
4th (4) Omigus Lightspell Origamia Lightspell Pangeae

5th Pilatus Nightspell Prisca Nightspell Ignatius
5th Papagenus Nightspell Pangeae Nightspell Imogen
6th Ignatius Lightspell Imogen Lightspell Quintus
5th Quintus Nightspell
With help from others
2nd No Ink for Twilight Vestia Lightspell
2nd "Brutus Lightspell" "Varuna Lightspell"
2nd "Cassius Lightspell" "Carolina Lightspell"
3rd "Deimmuliatus"
6th Nevokunia Lightspell